Which Cleanse Is Best to Reduce Candida?

When candida overgrowth causes various symptoms that affect your daily life like fatigue and more frequent colds, you should take measures to deal with it. You should definitely go on a diet for reducing overgrowth, but for best results, you need to start with a cleanse. Since this fungus is naturally found in the gastrointestinal tract, it is released through it as well. That is why the right cleanse will produce superb results fairly quickly. Find out how to do it.
Food and Drink
The best cleanse to reduce candida includes the consumption of raw vegetables. You can make salads or use the blender for shakes. For best results, you should not use any spices and herbs. Forget about salt, in particular. You can use a little bit of olive oil to ensure that all nutrients are properly absorbed. Just do not add too much of it to your plate.
One of the major questions is whether fruit should be included in the cleanse given that they contain sugar, which naturally boosts candida levels. The reality is that you will consume a very small amount of calories with the veggies and this can cause some discomfort like dizziness especially during the first day or two of the program. That is why you can add small amounts of fruits which are low in sugar to your diet. If you want to keep the program without fruits, you should consider having somewhat higher consumption of veggies that have sugar in them such as carrots.
At the same time, the more acidic fruit like oranges and grapefruits can be highly beneficial since acid helps to reduce the growth of candida. Just remember to use them in small amounts right after you have had veggies. Otherwise, you can get stomach discomfort and this is the last thing that you need when you are getting rid of the compounds which block your body and prevent it from functioning optimally.
The beverages that you consume are quite important as well. You should limit them to water, vegetable juices and possibly a little bit of citrus fruit juice. You should try to drink at least eight glasses of water per day for best results. After all, it is the most potent natural cleanser. Remember to drink it at room temperature to enhance the process further.
Optimal Duration
How long should you follow the candida cleanse program for? You should try to stick to it for at least three days. If you feel good, you can continue it for another two. People who are more experienced in internal cleansing can follow the program for as many as seven days.
Just keep in mind that this program is suitable for people who do not have any serious health conditions and do not take medication. If you do not feel in top form because you have just had a cold or for another reason, you should postpone the candida cleanse until you feel better. You have to be prepared to make this big change in your daily routine both physically and mentally.

Final Facts About Candida

final facts

Candida is a type of fungus which is naturally found in the human body. Its full name is . It is part of the intestinal flora and participates in the metabolic processes which take place in the gastrointestinal track. It is also present in the mouth and on the skin, but in much smaller numbers It requires a warm and moist environment to grow just like all other fungi. Its growth is stimulated by a drop in the acidic levels.
This type of fungus grows in two main forms. The more common one is the yeast form. The less frequently occurring one is the hypha form. It is similar to a long and thin branch with multiple small extensions.
It is known that somewhere between 70% and 80% of the people in the world. It is passed from the mother to her child during birth. This is how it ends up in the body. When a person is in optimal health, candida overgrowth is highly unlikely to occur. This is because the pH balance in the body is naturally maintained and the body uses its own internal mechanisms for controlling it along with the other microorganisms found inside.
There are several main causes of candida overgrowth inside the body. Usually, this happens when antibiotics are taken and the level of acidity falls due to the reduced number of lacto bacteria. The other common causes include weakened immune system and diabetes which is not controlled.
There are three types of candida infections caused by overgrowth of the fungus. These are vaginal candidiasis, oropharyngeal candidiasis and invasive candidiasis. When overgrowth occurs in the gastrointestinal tract, it causes imbalance in it and in the entire body.
The presence of candida in the body and the vaginal and mouth infections which it causes are not lethal. Invasive candidiasis can cause death, however. Slightly over one third of the cases are lethal.
There is no clinical or research evidence which proves that candida can cause cancer. However, when overgrowth is present for a longer period of time, the body’s immune system becomes weaker and cells are at greater risk of free radical damage.

Foods with high sugar content cause candida yeast overgrowth. The list includes soft drinks and alcohol plus processed and canned foods. Foods that contain simple carbohydrates can also stimulate increased growth.
The best exercise to reduce candida is cardio exercise. This is because it helps to keep blood sugar levels under control and the release of toxins as well. You can select from various cardio exercise options and follow a precise workout program.
The best diet for candida reduction includes yogurt, vegetables, whole-grain foods and healthy sources of protein and fatty acids. Only healthy cooking methods must be used for best results. It is important for the diet to include three meals and two snacks a day.
The best cleanse for reducing candida includes only vegetables and a little bit of fruit for maintaining optimal blood sugar levels. It involves drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. It should last for at least three days.

What Are the 10 Best Skin Care Remedies Made at Home?

Skin Care

Everyone wants to have a smooth and supple skin which is radiant and perfectly free of imperfections. But can you achieve this without expensive cosmetics? You can readily try the most effective homemade skin care remedies. They are completely natural and safe. They have been proven to work. They are easy to use and cost pennies. Let’s check them out.
Lemon Juice
You do not have to do anything special to prepare this home skin care remedy. You just need to wash a lemon, cut it in half and squeeze the juice out. You should use a small amount of it every day and keep the rest in the fridge. Surprisingly or not, lemon juice can do a lot of things for your skin. It is a natural astringent. It shrinks the pores and can help you get rid of black spots and of the tiny white ones too. It will also make your skin cleaner and firmer. You should apply it with a cotton ball on the face and avoid the eye area.
Oatmeal Mask
This is undoubtedly the best home remedy for getting rid of acne zits. Cook one cup of oatmeal following the instructions on the box and let it cool down to room temperature afterwards. Then mix it with two tablespoons of honey and apply it on your face after cleaning it. Let the mask stay for fifteen minutes and them remove it gently with warm water. Oatmeal has the power to extract skin oil and helps to dry the pimples so that they go away more quickly. Honey, on the other hand, has antibacterial properties so it targets the bacteria which cause acne. Use this treatment once or twice a week.
Coconut Oil
This is one of the top beauty home remedies because it offers very deep hydration while being totally gentle to the skin. You can readily apply it to the face and the eye area to make your skin super supple and amazingly soft. It gets absorbed very quickly so you should not expect to have oil spots. For best results, you should use this remedy before going to bed.
Coffee and Honey Mask
If you want a truly rejuvenating home mask, this one is the best choice. You simply need to mix a quarter of a cup of coffee grounds, which you can find in your coffee machine, and a tablespoon of honey. Both ingredients are full of natural antioxidants which will erase all signs of fatigue, stress and aging from your face. Clean your face, apply the mask and let is stay for fifteen minutes. Then remove it with gentle massaging movements using a little bit of warm water. You will have a fresh and glowing skin afterwards.
Cut two slices of cucumber and place them on your upper eyelids for ten minutes and then on the lower ones for another ten minutes. This is the best home remedy for getting rid of dark circles. It will make the skin around the eyes firmer as well as brighter.
Pineapple and Papaya Exfoliator
Both of these fruits are not only very tasty, but full of natural acids which help to remove the dead cells from the topmost layer of the skin. This is how fine lines, blemishes and even deeper wrinkles are greatly reduced. You will get that fresh and radiant look that you want. To prepare the exfoliator, you simply need to mix equal amounts of pineapple and papaya cubes to fill a cup up to the middle. Then you need to add two tablespoons of brown sugar, one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of almond oil. Mash the ingredients together until you get a fine paste Apply the paste on your skin for three minutes and remove it using gentle circular movements. Then you just need to enjoy the great result.
Sugar Scrub
This is the best home remedy for rough skin especially on the elbow and knees. Mix a cup of sugar with half a cup of kosher salt and a quarter of a cup of liquid almond oil to prepare the scrub. Use it while taking a shower when the skin has been softened for best results. Rub it gently against the skin, but not for too long. Then rinse it off. Remember to apply a soothing and hydrating cream afterwards to keep the result. It may go without saying, but this scrub is too strong to be used on the face.
Steam Facial
You just need to boil distilled water, remove it from the stove, pout it into a teapot and add tea, herbs, rose petals or essential oil. Just make sure that the ingredient you chose has benefits for facial care. Basil, for instance, is great for acne treatment while lavender has potent soothing effect. After steeping for about five minutes and having cleaned your face, you need to open the lid and enjoy the steam facial for ten minutes. It is essential to place a sufficiently large towel over your head to ensure that the steam goes directly to your face.
Rose Water
You can make rose water at home by steeping cut petals or using distilled water. There are various recipes which are quite easy to use. The important thing is to use the water when it is at room temperature. This home remedy not only smells divine. It is the ideal soothing agent to use for the face. It will make redness go away. It is amazingly refreshing. It will give your skin natural glow. It is also a mild astringent so it will make your skin slightly firmer.
Baking Soda Soothing Cream
Just mix equal amounts of this magical ingredient and water to make a paste. Apply the paste on an area of the skin which is irritated or inflamed to get a natural soothing effect. You can keep the paste on for as long as necessary. The important thing is not to use it on open wounds even if there are only minor cuts.
Use all of these home remedies for perfectly looking and healthy skin.

Bio-Beauty-Studio--10-best-remedies-for-scing-careThere is no room for desperation if the high-street cosmetic products and treatments are well beyond your budget. You can readily use homemade remedies which will help you to achieve all the beauty benefits that you want from soft, smooth and plump skin with natural glow to strong nails and thick, bouncy and lustrous hair. Take a closer look at the best beauty home treatments which will give you the results that you want and save you a great deal of money too.
Egg Yolk Mask for Beautiful Hair
What is so special about egg yolk? It contains biotin which is essential for making hair stronger, thicker and more lustrous. It is also rich in vitamins A, C and E. They provide protection from the damaging effects of the environment and especially of the sun’s UV rays. The nutrients contained in egg yolk stimulate hair growth as well. Prepare the mask by mixing two egg yolks and two tablespoons of olive oil, which is full of nutrients too. You can add a little bit of water if the mixture seems too thick. Apply the mask for half an hours and then rinse it off. You can wash your hair afterwards, but this is not necessary.
Brown Sugar Scrub for Smooth Skin
Mix half a cup of brown sugar with a quarter of a cup of olive oil. Then add four tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of ground cinnamon. Use the scrub while you are in the shower to remove dead skin cells from all parts of the body apart from the face. The elbows, knees and ankles need more scrubbing for best results. You will have a perfectly smooth nurtured and hydrated skin afterwards. Enjoy this treatment once a week.
Orange Peel for White Smile
The peel of this fruit is rich in fruit acids which help to remove wine, tea and tobacco stains from teeth. Get an orange and wash it thoroughly. It is a good idea to use a sponge and a bit of dish washing liquid to remove any wax which may be present on the skin of the fruit. Enjoy the orange and cut the peel into pieces which are big enough for you to hold yet small enough to go into your mouth. After washing your teeth, rub them with the peel, spit and rinse. You can use this treatment weekly or daily depending on your needs.
Green Tea for the Eyes
Puffiness, redness and dark circles around the eyes will quickly go away with the help of this antioxidant-rich remedy. Prepare a cup of green tea at home and cool it in the fridge once it reaches room temperature. When the tea is finally cold, you need to soak two cotton pads in it. Use a small amount and avoid squeezing the liquid out. Place the pads on your upper lids for ten minutes and then on the lower ones for the same period of time. You will feel refreshed and look fantastic afterwards.
Peach Exfoliate for the Face
The best way to have a younger complexion is to remove the dead skin cells from your face on a regular basis. The skin becomes softer and smoother while fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes are removed. Peaches are rich in alpha hydroxy acid, which breaks down dead skill cells, vitamin A, which has proven anti-aging effect, and vitamin C, which makes the skin brighter. Puree one ripe peach and mix with half tablespoon of liquid coconut oil, half tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Use the mixture as exfoliate once or twice weekly after washing your face.
Olive Oil for Stretch Marks
This oil helps to moisturize the affected area. When you massage it into it, you will also stimulate the blood flow. The nutrients in olive oil will also help for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Use this treatment daily after taking a shower for best results.
Grape Massage for Gorgeous Nails
The skin around your nails and especially the cuticles are important for the health and appearance of nails. To give these areas a good treatment, cut red grapes and dip them into a bit of fine white sugar. Then massage the skin around each fingernail with a grape half. Both the acid in grapes and the sugar help for exfoliating the skin. The antioxidants in the grapes will improve its condition. It is best to use this treatment before shaping and polishing your nails.
Honey and Rosewater for Soft Lips
You hate seeing your lips dry, chapped and lacking color. Mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of rosewater and apply the mixture on your lips. Keep it for ten minutes and then rinse it off with warm water While rosewater will remove any dead skin cells honey will moisturize the nourish the skin of the lips. Use this treatment weekly or more often during the winter months.
Coffee Grounds for Fighting Cellulite
The water and fat deposits underneath the skin of the buttocks and thighs create dimples and lumps which do not look good at all. Cellulite can be reduced greatly with the use of topical treatment, diet and exercise. Instead of investing a small fortune in a cream which contains caffeine, you can get the grounds from your morning cup of coffee and use them as scrub for the affected parts of the body. Massage the buttocks and thighs with the grounds every day while you are in the shower. The skin will not only feel softer and appear smoother after this. Caffeine is a potent diuretic which helps to reduce the water deposits which are the cause of the problem.
Cornmeal Treatment for the Feet
Mix half a cup of cornmeal with a quarter cup of mashed banana until the mixture is as thick as wet sand. Then use it to massage the feet. Do not miss to include the toes. While cornmeal acts as a natural exfoliant and helps to prevent fungal growth, banana is rich in various nutrients including biotin, which strengthens the skin and nails.

What-Is-the-Best-Skin-and-Nail-Care-RoutineIt is far-fetched to say that beauty requires sacrifices, but it definitely demands discipline. If you want to get the best results from skin care and nail care, you have to establish routines and follow them strictly. Here are the most effective routines described in detail.
The Ideal Skin Care Routine
The reality is that your face is exposed to the adverse effects of the environment every day so you cannot afford to have breaks from caring for it. Here is the optimal daily routine to follow:
Step 1: Wash your face after you wake up in the morning. It has certainly not accumulated dirt during the night, but it has produced sebum which blocks the pores and has to be removed. Use lukewarm water . You can also use a specially formulated cleanser or a soap with oil in it depending on your skin type and specific needs.
Step 2: Apply moisturizer to your face right after blotting any excess water or cleanser. It is important to apply the product on slightly damp skin. The ideal moisturizer offers deep and lasting hydration while being perfectly light. It provides protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun too. It is best to go for a product with SPF 30 or higher. Use matching products for the face and eye area for best results.
Step 3: Apply makeup after the moisturizer has got fully absorbed into the skin. If you use a light formula this should happen fairly quickly. Try to use makeup which does not block the pores even if you have dry skin. Avoid applying too much foundation. It is best to spread it with soft sponge applicator.
Step 4: Remove makeup from your face before you go to bed. Use a gentle yet sufficiently potent makeup remover. Clean your face with your cleanser or with soap. Agan, blot excess water instead of rubbing your skin with the towel.
Step 5: Apply night cream and a suitable eye product. The choice of night cream and matching eye treatment depends on your skin type, age and any particular problems that you want to deal with. If you have acne, for instance, you can use a cream which dries pimples. If you want to reduce wrinkles, you can apply a retinoid-based cream.
You should add two extra steps to this routine once a week between Steps 4 and 5. Here they are:
Extra Step 1: After you remove your makeup and wash your face in the evening, have a steam treatment for opening the pores. Boil some distilled water, pour it in a teapot and let your face soak the steam for five to ten minutes. Cover your head with a towel for best results. You can add a few drops of essential oil into the water or fresh herbs, if you wish.
Extra Step 2: Apply an exfoliating and nurturing mask to your face. It must be formulated for your skin type and age. Follow the instructions for application and removal strictly. Remember not to cover the area around the eyes. The mask will remove the dead skin cells and stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. This will give you the smoothness, plumpness and softness which you require. After you remove the mask, you can apply your night cream.
The Perfect Nail Care Routine
It is up to you to decide how frequently you will follow the routine presented below. You can do it once every week or once every two weeks.
Step 1: Exfoliate the skin around the nails including the cuticles. This will give you the softness and refined looks that you require. You can use a specially designed product or simply cut a grape in half and dip it into some sugar.
Step 2: Soak your fingers in warm, but not hot water until your nails get soft. It usually takes around ten to fifteen minutes, but more time is needed in some cases. It is possible to skip this step if you plan to do the following ones after taking a shower or a bath.
Step 3: Massage a little bit of hydrating and nourishing oil into the skin around the fingernails and to the cuticles. This will help for further softening of the skin and for further improvement of its looks too. Do not miss to wipe excess oil.
Step 4: Push the cuticles in the direction of the nail base using a specially designed rounded metal pusher or an orange stick, which is sharper. The choice of tool depends on how soft your cuticles are and on how skilled you are at the task. Most beginners find the use of an orange stick easier.
Step 5: Trim your nails with sharp scissors. Cut the pointier middle section straight and then make curves around the edges. It is up to you to decide on the depth of the trimming. In general, it is always best to leave some more of the nail so that you have room for shaping.
Step 6: Shape your fingernails in the way which you desire with the use of a file. It is up to you to decide on a file depending on how hard you want it to be. In general, the models with combining different grits will give you maximum flexibility. The glass files give you the greatest room for creativity and allow for maximum precision while being hygienic and easy to maintain. Start filing from one edge to the other and go only in forward direction.
The following steps are optional depending on whether you want to wear nail polish or not.
Step 7: Apply nail hardener if you have brittle nails or nail foundation to make the surface perfectly smooth for the next step.
Step 8: Apply nail polish in as many layers as you deem fit. Usually, two layers are more than sufficient. Start by making one swipe over the central area of the nail and then one swipe on each side. You can apply a special top coat for extra shine if you wish.
Step 9: Allow the nail polish to dry. Avoid using your hands in the meantime.

What Vitamins Are Essential for Maintaining Perfect Skin?

Bio Beauty studio It is awesome to have healthy and radiant skin which is free from all sorts of imperfections such as pimples, dilated pores, spots, fine lines and wrinkles. You will look and feel fabulous. In order to achieve perfection, you need to nurture the skin properly. This is best done with the help of vitamins, which are vital nutrients for regulating processes and systems in the body. Find out which ones have the most beneficial impact on the skin and how to get them and use them in the most effective way.

Vitamin A

This is one of the most potent anti-aging compounds that you can find. Vitamin A also known as retinol has been proven to counter the effects of aging. It helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots when applied topically in retinoid form. It makes the skin smooth and glowing. Since retinoid-based topical creams are highly potent skin care products, it is best to use one after consulting a dermatologist especially if you have sensitive skin or a medical condition.
Should you take vitamin A supplements for beautiful skin? There is no need for supplementation unless you have been diagnosed with deficiency. You can readily get this vital nutrient from various types of foods which are rich in it. The list includes fish, eggs, liver, carrots, leafy greens and sweet potatoes. When the levels of this vitamin in the body are normal, this has a positive impact on the health of hair and nails as well as on the skin.

Vitamin B Complex

There are two vitamins from the B group deserving greater attention from those looking to improve skin health and appearance. Biotin is a foundational element for cells in the body. When a person suffers from biotin deficiency, the most common symptoms include itchy and flaky skin, hair loss and brittle nails. The good new is that people can maintain the optimal level of biotin in the body easily through their diet. This is vitamin is found in eggs, whole grains, bananas, rice and almonds.
There is a growing number of research studies producing evidence of the beneficial effects of vitamin B3, also known as niacin, on the skin when it is used in topical form. Its major benefit is that it helps for the retaining of moisture in the skin. This gives the face a plump and healthy younger look. The really great thing is that this effect is achieved fairly quickly. Vitamin B3 has potent anti-inflammatory properties as well. It helps to reduce redness which is a very common skin problem. Another benefit of this vitamin is that it helps to reduce abnormal pigmentation. In this way, it can help you get rid of sun spots and age spots.

Vitamin C

This is one of the most powerful antioxidants. It fights free radicals which cause damage to skin cells. This is an extremely important function since free radicals work to reduce the production of collagen and elastin. As you know, these two compounds are crucial for the health and appearance of the skin. Without them, it loses its smoothness and plumpness. Simply put, vitamin C helps to define aging and its more common signs such as wrinkles and loss of firmness. Free radicals cause cellular damage which may eventually develop into skin cancer. That is why this vitamin is becoming an integral part of modern sunscreen products. Given all this, you have to ensure that the skin care products which you use and especially the ones which are applied in the morning contain vitamin C.
When it comes to vitamin C supplementation, it is typically not required in healthy people. You can get the amount of this compound which your body needs through fruit such as kiwi, oranges and grapefruits and through vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and leafy greens.

Vitamin D

You certainly know that this vitamin is essential for the bones, but this is true for the skin as well. This is because it is responsible for the absorption of minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium. These minerals all help to keep skin health optimal. Zinc, in particular, gives you clear spot-free skin. Furthermore, vitamin D helps for the reduction of redness and inflammation especially in patients suffering from psoriasis. The best way to keep the levels of this nutrient in the body optimal is to soak up some sun before ten in the morning. The foods which contain the highest levels of it are fatty fish and mushrooms.

Vitamin E

The health benefits of this vitamin for the skin have been proven by numerous studies. Just like vitamin C, this one is a powerful antioxidant fighting free radicals. It helps to reduce the risk of sun damage and the common signs of aging. For best results, it should be taken orally even if you use a cream or other skin care products which contain it.
The foods with the highest amounts of this compound are sunflower seeds, nuts, spinach, avocado and tofu. It is found in vegetable oils and in fish as well. Still, diet is often not sufficient for getting the health benefits of vitamin E for the skin. That is why you may consider taking up to 400 milligrams of the compound per day. This is the dosage which most studies analyzing the effects of the nutrient on the skin have used. Before you decide to use any kind of supplement, however, you should discuss it with your doctor.

Vitamin K

You may have not even heard of this vitamin, but research studies done by leading medical schools have found that it helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes, bruising and even wrinkles. For defying dark circles and wrinkles, it is usually combined with vitamin A. In general, the role of vitamin K in the body is to support blood clotting. That is why it will not produce great benefits for the skin if it is taken orally.
With the right cosmetic products, diet and supplements, you will get optimal amounts of all essential vitamins for skin health and enjoy radiance and beauty.