What Is a Classic European Facial?

What Is a Classic European Facial

If you are wondering what skin care treatment to choose when you go to your favorite spa the next time, you should definitely consider a classic European facial. It is a comprehensive routine which is safe, pleasant and rejuvenating. Find out more about the stages of the treatment and its overall benefits.

Preparation and Skin Analysis

When you use the services of a reputable spa, your classic European facial will actually begin with a short interview about your skin type, any issues which you have and the routine which you use to for skin care. The beauty therapist may also ask you about your diet and lifestyle habits to get a better idea of the right kind of products to use.
You will put on a cap and sit down on a reclining chair to receive your treatment. It begins with a thorough cleansing of your face. This steam of the process is very gentle and you will feel your skin refreshed right away. The therapist will examine your skin using well-lit magnifying glass to determine the best products and techniques for the procedures which follow. This analysis is extremely important for getting the best results in the end.

Steam, Exfoliation and Extraction

The next part of the classic European facial involves the application of steam to the face. The purpose of this is to open up the pores so that the dead skin cells, sebum and impurities can be removed more effectively. The beauty technician can use mechanical or chemical exfoliation depending on the type and condition of your skin. When the layer of dead skin cells is gone, the skin will be stimulated to produce more collagen and elastin naturally. This will give you firmness, smoothness and natural radiance too.
Extraction is the removal of blackheads and whiteheads. Basically, this is the extraction of the mixture of sebum, impurities and bacteria clogging the pores. It is done with a specially designed instrument and can cause some discomfort. It you don’t have a problem with blackhead and whiteheads or you have overly sensitive skin, you can talk to your beauty therapist about skipping this part of the treatment.

Facial Massage and Mask

The massage which you will get is probably the best part of the classic European facial. It not only feels great, but stimulates the blood flow to the skin and tones the facial muscles. This will contribute greatly to your glowing and rejuvenated looks.
The next step involves the application of a mask on the face. The professional will choose a mask based on your skin’s type and condition. The product will target the precise problems which you are trying to get rid of. You can expect to receive some kind of other treatment while you wait for the mask to take effect.

Toning, Moisturizing and Protection

The classic European facial is completed with the application of a toner, moisturizer and a cream suitable for you. You can expect the products to offer sun protection too unless you are getting the treatment in the late afternoon or early evening. This is important for getting the best end result.

What Are the Benefits of a Micro Photo-Therapy for Anti-Aging

There are so many anti-aging treatments out there, but which one is right for you? The micro photo-therapy is one of the most innovative options available. It uses light and heat to resurface the skin and to stimulate the production of collagen. It is regarded to be an alternative to microdermabrasion because it produces comparable results while being a lot less harsh. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this innovative treatment.

Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

With micro photo-therapy, the most notable signs of aging are diminished to a great extent. The fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and around the mouth get filled naturally with the increased production of collagen. The same is true for those on the forehead too. The therapy works great for the neck as well as for the face.

Plumper and Firmer Skin

As we all know, saggy eyelids, cheeks and skin under the chin are among the most obvious and frustrating signs of aging. With this new treatment, you can deal with all of them at once. The skin is naturally rejuvenated. It becomes much plumper and regains its firmness. You will really look younger after the treatment. Its effectiveness is confirmed by the fact that women who have undergone Botox therapy resort to it in order to keep the results for longer.

More Even Skin Tone

If you have uneven pigmentation associated with aging and/or prolonged sun exposure, you will certainly find the micro photo-therapy to be helpful to you. As explained earlier, it works to resurface the skin and the result of this is lightening of the aging spots and sun spots. You will have even skin tone and radiant youthful complexion. This is something which every woman dreams of regardless of her age.

Pore Shrinking

Another serious problem associating with aging which this therapy fights is the dilation of the pores. As the skin gets saggy, the pores become ever bigger. This can also make other issues such as acne more pronounced. With skin resurfacing and higher collagen production, micro-photo-therapy helps to shrink the pores and this helps immensely for achieving that dream youthful appearance. You won’t have to apply layer after layer of makeup on your face to look fabulous each and every day.

Great Safety

This treatment is non-invasive and has a high level of safety for most skin types. The esthetician will apply pulses of light and heat to the skin. The number of pulses which can be applied depends on the comfort level of the patient. Generally, you should not expect to feel pain during this procedure. The only side effect which you are likely to experience after the therapy is redness. It will go away quite quickly, however.

Long-Term Results

Last, but not least, micro photo-therapy is designed to stimulate the natural regeneration and rejuvenation processes in the skin. This means that you will keep enjoying the results for months after the treatment. This is a huge benefit to have. Of course, the best way to keep the results for even longer is to take good care of your skin.

laser skin careNew technology is everywhere even in skin care. You can now achieve the complexion and overall body appearance that you require without taking drastic measures like getting surgery. You can readily try New York laser which is one of the most advanced treatments available. As its name suggests, infrared light is used to stimulate the natural production of collagen deep in the layers of the skin. Let’s check out the skin care and tightening benefits of this innovative treatment.

Youthful Looks

Yes, you will look younger and more beautiful thanks to the New York laser treatment. This is because collagen works to fill wrinkles and fine line naturally. The skin becomes tighter, firmer and plumper. This treatment is a natural response to the lower production of collagen which is a natural part of the aging process.
The really great thing is that the skin care treatment can be used for all of the so called problem spots which women are most concerned about. The list includes the area around the eye and the area around the mouth too. The laser treatment works exceptionally well for saggy skin under the chin and for neck wrinkles. It can work for the arms and tummy too. You can rejuvenate practically any part of your body.

Lasting Results

It typically takes up to three sessions to get firmer, more radiant and more beautiful skin. This makes the treatment quite quick, especially given the fact that there is no recovery time after each session. The really great part is that with the New York laser, you will continue to have higher levels of collagen production for a fairly long period of time. This means that you will enjoy your younger looks not just for a week or two.

High Level of Safety

When the New York laser treatment is performed by an experienced professional, you can have peace of mind about its safety. Studies and patient experiences have revealed that the possible side effects are quite mild and fairly rare. You may feel mild discomfort during the procedure, but it is generally quite short. You may have redness on your skin too, but this should go away shortly. In general, if you have any concerns about the safety of the treatment given your health condition and/or skin type, you should discuss them with your doctor in advance.

Great Convenience

The laser treatment procedure is quite short and doesn’t involve the use of anesthetics. There is practically no recovery time needed. After the treatment, which would normally take between half an hour and two hours depending on the areas covered, you will be able to go back to your daily routine. Of course, you should try to avoid intensive sun exposure just to be on the safe side. Apart from this, however, you are free to do whatever you want. You don’t have to stay in bed for several days or apply any special creams or ointments.
You can readily get a safe New York laser treatment for skin rejuvenation and tightening and enjoy excellent and long-lasting results.

Millions of people suffer from acne and this number includes not only teenagers, but adults in their 20’s, 30’s and beyond. This is generally an ongoing problem most commonly found in people with oily skin. What is the best treatment to try? You will definitely benefit from using an acne facial. Let’s take a look at what it is and what results you can expect with it.

Complete Treatment

The acne facial is a treatment typically done at a spa. There are also some dermatologists that employ estheticians and provide it as part of a medical therapy for treating more serious cases of acne. The major benefit of this treatment is that it is fully comprehensive. This means that it takes complete care of the skin instead of just removing the sebum from the pores, for instance. This is a major plus which you should keep in mind.

Personal Attention

When you get your treatment at a reputable spa, you will have a short interview with the esthetician first so that she can learn more about your particular problem and other details such as your skin type, lifestyle and diet. This will allow her to provide the most effective treatment to you.

Deep Pore Cleaning

This is in the core of every acne facial. The esthetician will first give the skin basic cleaning and then use steam to open the pores. Deep pore cleaning comes next. The professional will typically use chemical exfoliation to remove the sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells. The next step involves extraction which is the manual removal of impurities from the pores. It works extremely well for blackheads and whiteheads. You will have perfect clear skin.

Soothing and Hydration

As highlighted earlier, the acne facial does not end with deep cleaning. After this part of the treatment is completed, the esthetician will apply a soothing and nurturing mask. This will help to eliminate any redness. The natural healing processes in the skin will be triggered. This will help you have a smooth, radiant and firm skin for longer.
Hydration plays a huge role in this too. After the removal of the mask, the esthetician will apply moisturizer and protective non-comedogenic cream. Remember that stripping the skin out of its natural oil will not help to stop acne. It is all about regulating the natural processes which go on in it.

Lasting Results

While the actual acne facial is completed at the spa, the esthetician will most certainly recommend products for home treatment. These will include a suitable cleaner and moisturizer and possible a special cream which reduces the risk of pimple outbreaks. This is the perfect way to enjoy lasting results from the facial which you have received. Of course, getting regular facials will help you to keep things under control even more effectively.
Should you get an acne facial? This actually depends on the condition of your acne. The treatment is best suited with people who have blackheads and whiteheads. If you have nodules and or cysts, you should see a dermatologist first. The doctor will recommend the best course of treatment in your case.

Oxygen Facial, What Are the Benefits?

oxigen facials

Everyone wants to have perfect complexion, but this is naturally hard to achieve given factors like stress, environmental pollutants and hormonal activity. That is why we resort to different treatments. One of the latest and trendiest options is to get an oxygen facial. Find out more about this treatment and the benefits which it has to offer.
The first thing which you need to know about the oxygen facial is that it is a non-invasive procedure. After your skin has been gently cleansed and exfoliated, the esthetician will use a special machine with a gun-like tool for applying oxygen deep into your skin. The oxygen is infused with a serum and vitamins and minerals. Basically, it is used as a medium for ensuring the deep absorption of these potent stimulants. Let’s see what you will get exactly.

Fully Personalized

Just like the other top facials which you can get at a spa, the oxygen one is done in line with your individual needs and this naturally helps you to get the best possible result. After cleaning and exfoliating your skin, the esthetician will examine it and recommend the right kind of serum to be applied with the help of the machine. If you suffer from acne, you can get a skin clearing serum. If you want to fight aging, the professional can use a rejuvenating serum for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and making the skin plump and firm once again. For uneven pigmentation, the serum works to brighten the skin and give it natural radiance and make the skin tone even.

Suitable for All Skin Types

The treatment works to give deep hydration to dry skin and to remove the extra sebum and reduce pimple outbreak in people with oily acne-prone skin. The oxygen facial is suited even for those with sensitive skin. In fact, it is quite gentle. You will feel just a little pressure when it is applied. Forget about experiencing any kind of discomfort or pain. You can expect to feel refreshed and even reenergized after the treatment.
High Level of Safety
This is perhaps the major advantage of the oxygen facial compared to similar treatments like dermabrasion and chemical peels. This method for rejuvenation and fighting particular skin problems is not known to have any side effects. It is extremely unlikely for you to experience even redness and irritation after the treatment. You will be able to use any kind of skin care product and makeup right after the session is over.

Excellent Results

You will have clear, firmer and radiant skin with even tone and reduced fine lines and wrinkles after the treatment session is over. You will look and feel younger and more beautiful. This is what the treatment is all about. The results last for a fairly long time. You can repeat the treatment over set periods of time. Just like with all other beauty therapies, getting too much of isn’t a good idea.
Overall, the oxygen facial is a great way to achieve perfect complexion. This spa treatment is effective, safe and even pleasant.

Anything associated with the human body has a direct link with the sort of diet that one takes. There is a reason that food is said to be the fuel for the human body. Just like the performance of a car’s engine that is dependent on the quality of oil that is put in it, the health and performance of the human body depends on the kind of food that is put in it.
With the passage of time and all the rush of life, people have turned towards easy compared to the quality of the food. This increase in the consumption of junk food has resulted in a number of medical issues as per multiple researches that are being conducted.
It is not just the medical perspective from which it is important that one takes in a healthy diet but from the perspective of beauty as well. The two most important categories that come under this are the skin and nails. If both these features are in good shape, then the overall appearance of an individual becomes quite refreshing in itself.
Skin and nails are the two body parts that are quite reflective of one’s health. Whenever one is having some problem, these are the first things that start to show the signs that something is wrong in the internal mechanism of the body.
In comparison of the two, the more important is the skin and it is very important that one is careful about the maintenance of its health. One of the key reasons for keeping the skin healthy is to ensure that in case one is suffering some other medical condition, the signs can be detected in time. If the skin is neglected its own health is going to deteriorate in a manner that the signs won’t be distinguished and the bigger problem will go un-identified. To many this may sound as a trivial reason but the fact of the matter is that this a very important factor. Many people have suffered the consequences of the confusion of not knowing if the skin’s damage was the result of a problem or neglect. It is better to be safe than sorry so this aspect of the situation should not be ignored at all.
The food that one takes is capable of changing the texture of the skin. The most common shift that people usually go through is the conversion of pretty normal skin into oily skin or dry skin. When it comes to the oily skin, that is mostly because of the intake of junk food which has loads of oil in it. In addition to the presence of direct oil in these foods, it is the use of artificial food ingredients that is causing a lot of problem. These ingredients impact the hormones of the body which are then capable of having an impact on the body functions. In majority of the cases these impacts are not of a positive nature at all. The most problematic factor here is that many a times the changes that occur due to the unhealthy diet are not reversible at all. Individuals then have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.
Coming towards the impact of an unhealthy diet on the nails, the immediate consequence is that the nails will not have the strength that they usually have in their healthy condition. The first sign is that their growth is not normal. So if your nails are not growing at the pace at which they used to, then this should be your first sign that the unhealthy food is affecting your nails now. The other sign is that even if they are growing, the nails are quite weak and they easily break off. For females this means that all the desire for showing off your nail art is going to go down the drain. It is not just about simply showing off your nail art. The problem is a bit more intense. Having the ability to use nail art as per your choice is reflective of the fact that the health of your nails is in perfect condition. In case this is not the case, then it shows that the health is not on the mark and the damage needs to be controlled.
All of these are going to be the results of the food that is being consumed on the mass scale. This is not to say that one should not eat any of the foods that are available outside. However, the basic point here is that those kind of foods should not be replaced as your regular foods. It is important that one invests a bit in the healthy food category. The only difference between the foods of this category is that they need making on your own part and that is going to require some input on your part. This input should be considered as an investment in your health, which is going to be the most important and effective investment that you will be making. If you don’t have your health and in this particular case if it is not being reflected in the condition of your skin and nails then all the rest of the gifts and talents that you have will not give a feeling of satisfaction to you.
As the saying goes health and safety first and this is a formula that is sadly being ignored by the majority these days. There is no point in feeling sorry for yourself in the end. Thus, without wasting any more time, go ahead and see where you are standing and get the treatment that is needed in your case. To ensure that you opt all of these changes as part of your life style, the suggestion is that you make the shift in a slow and steady manner instead of rushing into the things. Rushing the change is only going to resemble a fad and you will soon be back to your regular manners.

Why Dark Spots Appear on Your Skin?

It is alarming to see dark spots appearing on your skin and affecting your looks. It is perfectly possible for this skin problem to be treated effectively, but in order for this to happen its causes have to be identified first. Discover the most common causes of dark spots to ensure that you will get clearer and even more beautiful skin.
Sun Exposure
This is the most common reason why dark spots appear on the skin. The UV light of the sun causes damage to the cells in the upper layers of the epidermis. Usually, this damage occurs due to long unprotected exposure to the sun. The cell damage manifests itself in the form hyperpigmentation. The spots usually come in different shades of brown and sometimes gray.
There are three main types of dark spots caused by UV damage. The Melasma spots are typically big and connected to each other to form clusters. They typically appear on the face. They are most common in young people and young women, in particular.
Ephelides, which are informally known as freckles, are perhaps the most common of all dark skin spots. They are small, but typically cover fairly big areas of the skin. Their color ranges from red to brown. They can appear at any age including early childhood. They most often occur on the face and the upper part of the body. The cheeks and arms usually have the most freckles.
The so called age spots which tend to appear on the skin when people get older are called solar lentigines. They are caused by long-term exposure to the sun and are extremely common. Their color typically ranges from light to dark brown. They can have different sizes. Many small spots can form a cluster or there may be several bigger ones fairly close to each other. They appear on the parts of the skin which get the most sunlight such as the forehead, temples, chest, arms and hands.
Hormonal Changes
Changes to the hormonal balance, especially in women, can lead to the appearance of dark spots on the skin. Most often, these occur during pregnancy. They can also be caused by the intake of birth control pills and medications which trigger hormonal changes. The spots usually go away naturally after the hormonal balance in the body is restored.
Medical Conditions
Skin disorders, liver disease and some hormonal disorders such as Addison’s disease can also cause dark spots. When they are properly treated, the skin will get improvement as well. It is also worth noting that it is common for hyperpigmentation to occur after skin trauma which has caused inflammation. Dark spots can appear on the place of healed acne pimples, for instance. The risk of this is lower if the condition has been treated properly.
Finally, you should know that it is fairly uncommon for melanoma, which is the most dangerous skin cancer, to be confused with dark skin spots. Still, it is always best to have such spots checked by a dermatologist who will recommend the most appropriate treatment given the cause of the problem and other factors such as age and overall health.

Why Do Ingrowing Hairs Occur?

Looks are and always have been extremely important. That is why we use all kinds of cosmetic treatments to look perfect. These include shaving and waxing for hair removal. While these have proven results, they may also trigger problems such as ingrowing hair. Find out more about the causes of this issue which has an adverse impact on the skin and may cause great discomfort as well.
What Happens
When a hair is cut or plucked out of the follicle, a new one begins to grow in its place. Normally, the new hair goes up the follicle and its sharper top part goes above the surface of the skin. However, in some cases, the stem does not follow this path. Instead, it goes sideways and cuts through the follicle lining. Basically, the pointy edge causes injury to the skin. This causes the immune system to produce and deliver white blood cells for the healing of the injured spot. This triggers inflammation and swelling.
Due to the inflammation and swelling the ingrowing hairs look like raised bumps which can be reddish, purplish or brownish. They can be tiny or quite big depending on the size of the affected area. Sometimes, there is a pouch of white and yellow pus which can be clearly seen and the top of the bump. In some cases, it is possible to see the hair under the skin.
Ingrowing hairs are not regarded as a serious medical condition. However, they have a variety of negative cosmetic effects. The bumps are unsightly and can lower your self-esteem if they are on a visible part of the body which cannot be covered with clothing. Furthermore, the bumps can cause a great amount of discomfort and sometimes even pain. Other skin problems which can occur include discoloration and scarring.
The Main Causes
Only newly growing hair can penetrate into the skin. That is why the problem occurs soon after shaving or several weeks after waxing and tweezing when the hair is advancing up the follicle. The affected skin areas are the ones which receive the treatments. In men, these are typically the face and neck. In women, these are the legs and the pubic area.
The risk of ingrowing is higher when there is a thicker layer of dead skin cells. There are other risk factors as well. Coarser hairs are more likely to grow into the skin. These grow on the face and the pubic area. In general, regular shaving and waxing work to make hairs thicker and harder and this contributes greatly to the worsening of the problem. Similarly, curly hairs are more likely to cut into the skin because they grow in curved follicles and do not get a straight path up. People who have more body hair are at greater risk of this problem as well.
When you notice the presence of ingrowing hairs on your body, you should resort to appropriate treatment right away. This will help to improve the condition of the skin, to restore its smoothness and to prevent complications such as serious infection. You must avoid picking and squeezing the bumps to prevent scarring.

How to Choose Skin Care Product?

You want to use the best skin care product there is, but it is difficult to make a choice given the multitude of products in the market and the flashy and often confusing ads. You have to take the search and evaluation very seriously since a mistake can not only cost you a great deal of money, but have an adverse impact on your skin health. If you are careful and follow the basic rules outlined below, you will make the right decision and enjoy healthy and beautiful complexion.
Skin Type
Before you go shopping for any sort of skin care product, you must know what your skin type is. This has a great impact on the ingredients and the effects of the product. If you have normal skin, you can use most types of cosmetics without hesitation. If you have dry skin, you have to ensure that the products which you choose have pure natural oils for deep and lasting hydration.
If you have oily skin, you need creams which do not clog the pores and which help the epidermis to breathe. While the reduced production of oil is beneficial, it must not stripped of the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you have to use cosmetics with gentle yet potent ingredients which do not cause irritation or redness.
Skin Needs
You need to identify the problems which you have to fight and the improvements which you want to make. This will help you with selecting the ideal skin care products. The products for acne treatment are very different from those for wrinkles or rosacea. The more specific you are the better. There are hardly any products which can fight all signs of ageing at the same time. Some creams stimulate collagen production to add plumpness to the skin while others work to resurface the topmost layer of the epidermis to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Ingredients and Concentration
You should do your research in advance to figure out which types of chemical compounds have been proven to work for your particular skin problem. Glycolic acid and lactic acid are used for acne treatment while vitamin C is effective for sun spots, ageing spots and radiance improvement. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are preferred for natural sun protection. Coenzyme Q10 repairs damaged cells and makes the skin plumper. Check carefully the concentration of the active ingredients. It should not be below 5%.
You should look closely at all ingredients and not only the active ones and ensure that they are perfectly safe. You should avoid products which contain parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, sulfates and chemical compounds which release formaldehyde. Since you will most certainly be using the product for a long period of time, you should not hesitate to research the ingredients just to be on the safe side.
Finally, you should not forget to check the brand before you buy a skin care product. Find out more about its history and philosophy and check what people think about it. You should be completely confident about cosmetics which you get and apply on your skin.

How Can Healthy Nutrition Help with Skin and Nail Care?

There are all sorts of topical treatments which you can use to keep your skin and nails healthy. However, diet is even more important. When you get healthy nutrition with optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals and other valuable compounds, you will feel and look your best. You just have to ensure that you pick the right foods for top results.
Healthy Diet Benefits
Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the human body? Everything which you eat had great impact on it. When it is properly nurtured, it will be smooth, even and radiant. The risk of problems such as dark spots, pimples, blemishes and wrinkles will be much lower. In the same way, you will have strong, smooth and fabulously looking nails if you get the nutrients which are needed for their proper growth with the food that you eat.
When your diet is healthy, you will enjoy healthy and beautiful skin and nails at all times. You will feel better too. You will have energy and good mood. These are essential for the overall health and for your looks as well.
Eating the Right Foods
What exactly does healthy nutrition involve? The most important thing is to include the right foods in your diet. Vitamin A, which is essential for the normal functioning of the skin cells, is found in low-fat dairy products and fish. Carotene, which is transformed into vitamin A by the human body, is found in carrots, pumpkins and squash. Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen which keeps the skin and nails strong and gives them their natural radiance. It is found in kiwis, citrus fruit and peppers. Vitamin E protects the cells from free-radical damage which is responsible for all signs of ageing. It is found in nuts, seeds and avocados.
Zinc is an essential mineral for repairing skin and nail damage. It is found in nuts and seeds, leafy greens and lean beef. Selenium helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress and damage. It is found in whole-grain breads, pasta and cereals, in chicken and in Brazil nuts. Iron prevents nail brittleness and improper growth and shaping. It is found in beans, poultry, egg yolk, spinach and nettle.
While vitamin C and E are essential for preventing free-radical damage and ageing, there are other antioxidants which will contribute to their effect. These are found in berries and green tea. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are necessary for ensuring that the skin and nail cells get properly nurtured. They are found in fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel and in flaxseed oil. The use of healthy natural oils for preparing food such as olive oil will also give you health benefits. They help to keep moisture inside the skin so that it is plump, smooth and radiant.
Finally, healthy nutrition for skin and nail care is about cooking foods in a healthy way. It is best to consume fruit, vegetables and nuts raw. When you cook food, you should use stewing and roasting rather than frying. Add as little fat as possible.