Which Cleanse Is Best to Reduce Candida?

When candida overgrowth causes various symptoms that affect your daily life like fatigue and more frequent colds, you should take measures to deal with it. You should definitely go on a diet for reducing overgrowth, but for best results, you need to start with a cleanse. Since this fungus is naturally found in the gastrointestinal tract, it is released through it as well. That is why the right cleanse will produce superb results fairly quickly. Find out how to do it.
Food and Drink
The best cleanse to reduce candida includes the consumption of raw vegetables. You can make salads or use the blender for shakes. For best results, you should not use any spices and herbs. Forget about salt, in particular. You can use a little bit of olive oil to ensure that all nutrients are properly absorbed. Just do not add too much of it to your plate.
One of the major questions is whether fruit should be included in the cleanse given that they contain sugar, which naturally boosts candida levels. The reality is that you will consume a very small amount of calories with the veggies and this can cause some discomfort like dizziness especially during the first day or two of the program. That is why you can add small amounts of fruits which are low in sugar to your diet. If you want to keep the program without fruits, you should consider having somewhat higher consumption of veggies that have sugar in them such as carrots.
At the same time, the more acidic fruit like oranges and grapefruits can be highly beneficial since acid helps to reduce the growth of candida. Just remember to use them in small amounts right after you have had veggies. Otherwise, you can get stomach discomfort and this is the last thing that you need when you are getting rid of the compounds which block your body and prevent it from functioning optimally.
The beverages that you consume are quite important as well. You should limit them to water, vegetable juices and possibly a little bit of citrus fruit juice. You should try to drink at least eight glasses of water per day for best results. After all, it is the most potent natural cleanser. Remember to drink it at room temperature to enhance the process further.
Optimal Duration
How long should you follow the candida cleanse program for? You should try to stick to it for at least three days. If you feel good, you can continue it for another two. People who are more experienced in internal cleansing can follow the program for as many as seven days.
Just keep in mind that this program is suitable for people who do not have any serious health conditions and do not take medication. If you do not feel in top form because you have just had a cold or for another reason, you should postpone the candida cleanse until you feel better. You have to be prepared to make this big change in your daily routine both physically and mentally.


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