What Foods Cause Candida Yeast to Overgrow?

While candida yeast is naturally present in the body, when it grows rapidly and without control, it can cause intestinal disbalance and infections in the mouth and in the vagina in women. Usually, overgrowth is caused by the intake of antibiotics, uncontrolled diabetes or weakened immune system. Unhealthy diet may also be responsible for it. Find out what foods can cause overgrowth of this fungus in the body when they are consumed in fairly large amounts over a long period of time.
Sugary Foods
These are responsible for most cases of candida overgrowth due to diet. When a lot of sugar is consumed, blood glucose increases and it takes longer for it to get back to its optimal level. Higher blood sugar levels boost the growth rate of the yeast.
In general, sugary foods have adverse impact on the overall health as they contribute to body weight increase and the consequently to heart disease and diabetes. It is best if you reduce their consumption to the lowest possible minimum. For optimal results, you should do the same with sugary drinks such as soda and sweetened fruit juices.
Foods Rich in Simple Carbs
Simple carbohydrates break down into glucose super fast and cause a peak in the blood glucose levels. In this way, they increase the risk of candida overgrowth and of weight gain and other health problems when they are consumed in large amounts. Given this, it is best if you cut their consumption. The list of the most consumed foods which are rich in simple carbs includes white bread and pasta, white rice and potatoes. As you can see, they form a major portion of most people’s diet so it is not easy to get rid of them completely. That is why it is best to replace them with their healthier alternatives. These are whole-grain bread and pasta and brown rice. Healthy cooking is also important.
Alcoholic Beverages
These drinks are also rich in carbohydrates. They slow down the metabolism and the processing of fat in addition to stimulating candida yeast growth. They can cause liver damage as well. You should reduce their consumption as much as possible. Generally, low alcohol consumption is part of every healthy diet. In fact, if you already have certain health problems, you should eliminate it completely at least until you recover fully.
Processed and Canned Foods
These foods contain fairly high amounts of sugar, even if they are not sweet. If you read the labels, you will discover that salami and sauces which are generally salty are rich in sugar. That is why it is best to avoid them or to consume them in very small amounts for keeping candida yeast growth under control. There are other important reasons why you should keep their consumption as low as possible. Processed and canned foods often have high fat content. Besides, they are full of additives and preservatives most of which have adverse impact on the human body.
With the right candida diet, the risk of overgrowth will be minimal.


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